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Wed, Jan 04 2012

Broadhead Ballistics Test System

Broadhead Ballistics Testing now available with the Velocitip System

In response to customer interest, we are now offering an adapter to convert your Velocitip Field Point to a Broadhead Ballistics Test System.  The system is an ideal tool for comparing the aerodynamic performance of broadheads, at distance.  The fully assembled Broadhead Test System (pictured below) weighs 130 grains plus the weight of the broadhead and works well with any equipment properly tuned for the added weight.


Broadhead Adapter

Column Bottom Image


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“The Velocitip is a pretty handy tool. The more I use it the more I learn and prove. I even proved to myself that arrows fly farther and faster with a 3 degree helix on my Blazer vanes. I would not have guessed that. The Velocitip established it as fact.”


Eric Price

Cofounder & Vice President

The Burt Coyote Co. Inc.

(Maker of the one and only Lumenok)